FruitGard® delivers broad-spectrum activity against primary decay pathogens that cause Pythium Leak, Bacterial Soft Rot, Late Blight, Fusarium dry rot, and Silver Scurf. FruitGard is also effective against secondary bacterial soft rot “hot spots” that can cause significant breakdown in piled tubers. It is effective in both curative or preventative treatment strategies.

In preventive applications, start FruitGard during filling or immediately after. The program consists of an initial treatment with FruitGard to eliminate primary infections occurring during growing or harvesting operations, followed by long-term treatment with FruitGard drums.

Curative applications with FruitGard start with identifying hotspots in the pile and placing a suitable mixing apparatus in the open end of the culvert that passes under the hot spot. Mixers should operate for eight hours with an air circulation fan at moderate speed, humidification shut off and no personnel inside. Treat the two culverts on either side of the hot spot as well. Following treatment with FruitGard, personnel can re-enter the building.

Mixers, acid activators and further treatment information are available from FoodDefend or your FruitGard dealer.


Always read and follow label instructions before using FruitGard.