FruitGard® is EPA-approved for application to raw agricultural commodities (potato, tomato, and cantaloupe) for control of decay causing micro-organisms.

FruitGard has also received a Food Contact Designation (FCN 000949) from the FDA. The FCN permits use of FruitGard on all raw fruits and vegetables that will be used for processing. The FCN designates FruitGard as an antimicrobial agent which means you can use it as part of a food safety program as well as part of a quality assurance plan (to control decay).

Food Defend personnel have decades of experience in designing food safety interventions and routinely provide recommendations on how our products can be used as an additional layer of food protection.


FruitGard® is EPA-approved on certain fruit and vegetables for control of fungal and bacterial pathogens that cause post-harvest spoilage. FruitGard is an antimicrobial agent based on gaseous chlorine dioxide.

FruitGard is applied postharvest to control fungal and bacterial microorganisms that cause decay or spoilage of fruits and vegetables. FruitGard adds an additional layer of post-harvest protection because, as a gas, it penetrates into areas that liquid products cannot reach. Laboratory studies show that FruitGard penetrates into lesions and natural opening to eradicate fungi and bacteria.

Also, because it is applied as a gas, FruitGard is effective on fruit that are packed in bins or boxes. FruitGard can be applied to fruit that is stored in bulk, in ripening rooms, in cold storage, or in containers or trailers in transit.

FruitGard is non-corrosive to metals and building materials; it will not harm cooling coils, insulation, motors or other parts of storage facilities. FruitGard is not a restricted use pesticide and no special certifications are needed for applicators.