FruitGard® is a new, unique tool for the cantaloupe industry because it is a gaseous product that penetrates into boxes and bins. FruitGard is produced in a controlled release reaction which is scalable, simple and cost effective. FruitGard seeks out lesions, wounds and natural openings to eradicate fungi and bacteria that cause rots.

FruitGard for use on cantaloupes, has been under development by Food Defend for 15 years. Company, university, industry and USDA trials demonstrated good control of decay organisms. FruitGard controlled decay problems associated with stem scars and wounds because it has a high affinity for these zones. Numerous academic and industry trials validated the benefits of chlorine dioxide gas on cantaloupes in both fresh and processing environments.

Treat cantaloupe melons with FruitGard after the fruit has been packed in boxes and palletized. It can be applied in either forced air cool rooms or in containers. Subsequent treatment with FruitGard during storage or shipping is helpful for extending shelf life.

Always read and follow label instructions before using FruitGard.