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Z-Series™ Coil Cleaning Products

Coil Cleaner
Coil Maintenance
Coil Cleaner ZeoAir

Z-Series™ Coil Cleaner Products actively clean surface areas and immediately improve equipment functionality and air quality. Evaporator systems, coolers, freezers and food storage units are all ideal candidates for treatment.

Coil Cleaner treatment products release controlled amounts of dry chlorine dioxide gas treatment; which is readily attracted to damp surfaces, targeting sources of contamination. Because it is airborne, it can target difficult to clean areas where problems and odors can linger. Once these surfaces are treated, there are noticeable improvement in heat transfer and air quality. Clean coils deliver energy savings and longer equipment service.

Sold in easy-to-use pods or tub sets, the two components activate when combined via dispenser sachet, dispenser jug, or vibratory mixers. RTU drums or pails are also available. Placed near the source, Z-Series products go right to work.

Three easy to use formulas provide a complete answer to every problem:

Coil Cleaner
A quick release formula used for immediate action on intense problems.

Coil Maintenance
Coil maintenance products are a moderate release formula, used in conjunction with Coil Cleaner to maintain the desired environment once control has been established.

Coil Cleaner ZeoAir
A long term, 90-day drum, low release formula for areas requiring a less aggressive treatment.

All three products are NSF Registered for use in food processing facilities.

Coil Cleaner products reduce energy and equipment repair/maintenance costs because unlike ozone, Z-Series™ Coil Cleaner will not harm common construction materials such as aluminum and rubber.

Z-Series™ Water Treatment Packs

Water Treatment Packs produce an aqueous chlorine dioxide solution that functions as an antimicrobial. The EPA has approved Z-Series for treating agricultural water (irrigation, freeze protection, spray application, etc.) and for packhouse flume or wash water.

Z-Series Water Treatment packs are portable, simple-to-use, and require no special equipment. Stock solutions of aqueous chlorine dioxide are safe and stable and have a one-year shelf life under appropriate storage conditions. Z-Series Water Treatment packs do not require a costly infrastructure such as a chlorine dioxide generator, making them very cost effective. Spent Water Treatment packs can be disposed of in a landfill.