FruitGard™ is a dry gas antimicrobial whose active ingredient is chlorine dioxide. FruitGard is applied post-harvest to control fungal and bacterial microorganisms that cause decay and spoilage of fruits and vegetables. FruitGard’s granular formulation releases low levels of chlorine dioxide gas.

Required doses vary depending on the commodity to be treated and the method of application. Higher rates of release are delivered by adding a solid acid activator to FruitGard and mixing in a suitable reactor such as a mechanical mixer. The chlorine dioxide gas is released in a controlled manner in less than 24 hours.

FruitGard can also release chlorine dioxide gas at very low levels over a period of months. For such applications, FruitGard is packaged in 240 lb. Air Filtration drums and it is not mixed with an acid activator.

FruitGard is packaged in Air Filtration Drums to be used in large storage rooms, ripening rooms and other operating environments. Air Filtration drums contain a one-part granular formulation that generates chlorine dioxide gas at low levels over a period of up to 90 days. Chlorine dioxide release occurs when air is forced through the drums by a 500-700 SCFM blower fan.

FruitGard has EPA registrations on potatoes, tomatoes and cantaloupe for control of fungal and bacterial pathogens that cause post-harvest spoilage. FruitGard stops decay caused by primary pathogens and it is also effective against secondary “hot spots” that can cause significant breakdown.

FruitGard is used in both curative or preventative treatment strategies.

FruitGard controlled release technology provides consistent disease control because concentrations of chlorine dioxide gas are uniform and circulating air carries the gas around fruit where it condenses primarily on infection sites.

FruitGard is non-corrosive to metals and building materials; which means it will not harm cooling coils, insulation, motors or other parts of storage facilities. FruitGard is not a restricted use pesticide and no special certifications are needed for applicators, though FruitGard may require placarding and restricted entry during some fumigation operations.


Always read and follow label instructions before using FruitGard.