New Listeria Intervention Option

Listeria monocytogenes intervention protocol now available for cauliflower, zucchini and butternut squash

FruitGard® became the industry standard antimicrobial in the potato storage business in just three years. Now you can take advantage of this controlled release CLO2 dry gas that penetrates into lesions, wounds and natural opening to eradicate the bacteria that can cause food safety problems on processed fruits and vegetables. FruitGard proprietary chemistry is safe, easy to use and flexible. So you can use it in store rooms, shipping containers and processing facilities.

There is so much riding on everything you do; why not add another layer of protection? Chlorine dioxide is an obvious option because it eliminates the mixing, measuring and application issues of water-based anti-microbials. FruitGard is a dry, gaseous, timed release chemistry that harnesses the antimicrobial power of ClO2. Since it is a gas, FruitGard readily penetrates into and around produce where it kills food borne pathogens (such as Salmonella and Listeria) and the fungi and bacteria that cause post-harvest decay.

FruitGard products have EPA approval for use on selected raw agricultural commodities to control decay causing micro-organisms. FruitGard products also have a Food Contact Notification (FCN 000949) from the FDA. The FCN permits use of FruitGard as an anti-microbial on all raw fruits and vegetable that will be further processed or consumed as fresh-cut products . Having the approval of both the EPA and FDA makes FruitGard an easy choice for processors such as fresh cut operations, who are looking for an added layer of protection in their food safety and quality assurance programs.