Potato Storage


FruitGard has broad-spectrum activity against decay pathogens that cause Pythium Leak, Bacterial Soft Rot, Late Blight, Fusarium dry rot, and Silver Scurf. FruitGard stops decay caused by primary pathogens and it is also effective against secondary bacterial soft rot “hot spots” that can cause significant breakdown of tubers in a pile. Curative or preventative treatment strategies can be employed.

FruitGard Wipeout is a two-part formulation; gas is released when the two parts are mixed together in a suitable reactor such as a mechanical mixer. The gas produced by FruitGard Wipeout is released in less than 24 hours.

FruitGard is a one part formulation which requires no mixing and generates a low-level gas for a period of 12 weeks. Activation of the FruitGard drums occurs by blowing air through them.


The preventive program should be started during or immediately after the storage structure is filled. The program consists of an initial treatment with FruitGard Wipeout in order to eliminate primary infections that occurred during growing or harvesting operations followed by long-term treatment with FruitGard. Dose: apply one 40 pound pail FruitGard Wipeout Part A and one 40 pound pail of part B for each 3500-4000 tons of stored tubers. The two parts must be continuously mixed together in a suitable apparatus for eight hours during which time personnel may not enter the storage structure. The apparatus should be located in the plenum. Fans should circulate air through the storage pile at a moderate speed, cooling systems can operate as needed, but humidification systems should be turned off during fumigation. Following treatment with FruitGard Wipeout, personnel can re-enter the building. Spent Wipeout should be removed and disposed of in a landfill. Before treatment with FruitGard Wipeout, one drum of FruitGard for each 10,000 tons of stored tubers should be placed in the storage structure outside of the plenum and the gas should be discharged into the plenum. This eliminates moisture from being pulled into the drum. For best results, cover fan to pull dry and warmer air, this will result in a consistent ppm gas level being fixed over 12 weeks.


Curative application with FruitGard Wipeout is accomplished by identifying the location of the hotspots in the pile and placing a suitable mixing apparatus in the open end of the culvert that passes under the hot spot. FruitGard Wipeout is applied at the rate of (8 pounds Part A + 8 pounds Part B) / 150 tons of tubers. Mixers should be operated for eight hours during which time the air circulation fan speed should be moderate, humidification should be off and personnel should not be present. The two culverts on either side of the hot spot should also be treated. Following treatment with FruitGard Wipeout, personnel can re-enter the building. Spent Wipeout should be removed from mixers and disposed of in a landfill.